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Rental Property Management Maroochydore

Protecting your investment

Our team of hardworking property managers in Maroochydore know full well that most people have made enormous sacrifices and worked very hard to purchase their rental investment properties. We also understand that these investments make up an essential part of a longer-term financial plan for your future. Your investments must be producing income with limited downtime. Protecting these assets starts with finding the right tenant. The VEDA national tenant database gives us in-depth insights into a tenants financial history. Everything from bankruptcies, court judgments, unpaid debts and credit history. Our experienced team of rental property managers know that shortcuts equal headaches, and therefore our screening checks are the toughest in the country. Contact our rental property management team to discuss our processes for finding excellent tenants.


Tenant Checks

Frontline defence from bad tenants

BMP Property Management Maroochydore provides Australia's best, most effective, nationwide background checking services. Get the peace of mind that your tenants or employers have no criminal or credit reporting history with the click of a mouse. Our tenant screening checks include bankruptcy and court judgment searches, significant credit and debt searches, early termination of utility services, and criminal record checks.


Maintenance Request

Tenants: Please provide detailed information regarding the issue eg; Electrical, Plumbing or Structural and our team will respond immediately will a qualified tradesman to resolve the problem.

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